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The G154 I just bought has a set of off truck mud tires on the back and a wrong size set on the front. Obviously it's not good when putting it in 4wd because of the different circumferences of the tires as the transfer case would have the correct ratio for the proper tires so they turn the same.
I knew the tires were wrong when I bought it but I figured it wouldn't be hard to figure out the correct size. The proper tire size according to the manual is 5.00-12 front and 8-16 on the rear. My question does anyone have the correct outside diameter of these tires? At least if I had that I could figure out the ratio front/back of the transfer case and calculate the proper size front.
I tried jacking up one side front and back, anchoring one tire of each axle, putting it in 4wd and turning the rear wheel and counting the revolutions front to back. I got 1:2, front turns twice for every one of the rear.
Doesn't make sense, you look at any pic of a g154 and the front tire is a lot more than 1/2 the size of the rear. Is there someting going on with the ratio's due to the differential when I'm holding one wheel of each axle anchored from turning ....anyone?.....Mike
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