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G110 snowblower

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I recently scraped my old L130 due to reoccurring transaxle issues and moved to a low hour G110. I've had a much better experience with this tractor and it has performed flawlessly so far with mowing, pulling my carts and a lawn sweeper on my hilly technical yard. I am seriously thinking about adding a snow blower. I have a newer big walk behind but it never really grew on me and I hate the joystick chute controls. I'm seeing a lot of used JD snowblowers but they all have very loose descriptions of models they will fit. I have seen a 44 inch model that directly listed my model but that was it. I won't spend the money that the dealer wants for a new unit but since I can unload my walk behind I do have enough to be a little fussy and find a used one in good shape. Does anyone know which ones will fit or can they all fit with appropriate brackets? I have thought about moving to an X500 series tractor if this G110 ever fails and if so would this require a different snowblower?
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Any 44inch Blower for the Current D100 series will fit on your G110. The 44inch Blower could be converted to work On the current X500 series But the cost of the Parts to convert it. It probably would be cheaper to Buy New In that case:thThumbsU
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