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I have a whole month! Maybe I can do continuous laps in the truck from Illinois to Maryland? That should relieve Ron's G.A.S. in a jiffy.

I didn't even know that Gravely used galvanized hoods for a little while. I've finally accepted that I may never know every production change that occurred on these machines.
Wait till you try to collect one of every year and type Model L and C. Good excuse for having more than one of every year. :D See list below.

Ron, your 55 looks only a little better than my 55. Is it an L or a LI like mine?

L&C list:
1940 L,
1941 L and 1 to pick up,
1942 L to pickup,
1943 L,
1944 L,
1945 L,
1946 L to pickup,
1947 L, L with Jenkins head,
1948 Brass tag L, Steel tag L,
1949 L to pickup,
1950 L,
1951 L,
1952 L to pickup,
1955 LI,
1956 L,
1957 L,
1959 LI,
1960 LS,
1961 LI X2, L to pickup, L to pickup with Jenkins head,
1962 LI, L X2,
1964 L,
1965 LI,
1967 CI, C8,
1970 CI, C8,
1974 C8

1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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