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I've done some serious therapy for my G.A.S. problem. Dr. Lindey percribed sleeping in the new annex if I didn't get control over my G.A.S. problem. So I promised I would reduce the herd and not haul any more L tractors home.

So I found a guy with two old Ls that said he would deliver them. They aren't much of a find, a rusty 55 with GRWs and 68 C with duals, but there also is a very rare Lawnaire aerator from the 50's. It's not in great shape, but it will go nicely with my Kensico aerator, which also is not in very good shape.

Yep, I'm making great progress! :thThumbsU


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I'll bet that the good doctor was thrilled with your rapid progress.

Seeing the old aerator is a first for me. Looks like it's adjustable via the handle on the right side?

I also noticed the green hood on the one tractor. It also looks like yellow (postal) where the decal used to be. Could it be from a postal tractor that was then turned over to the parks service, and painted green after masking the decal?
The Doctor is still speechless.

Yes, that's the height adjustment.

No, it just looks green in the picture. It's one of the galvinzed hoods that Gravely used for a while. I don't know if they were sold with no paint or if the paint just wore off faster than on the mild steel hoods. But the decals are still there. I'll have to check and see if there is any paint under the decals.

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Don't let Lindey know about 5tractorguy and me :D Nice delivery - getting another set of GRWs is always nice but that aerator is pretty neat. Interesting design.
I won't! She'd be mad that you guys won't come before New Years to haul some of these off.

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Wait till you try to collect one of every year and type Model L and C. Good excuse for having more than one of every year. :D See list below.

Ron, your 55 looks only a little better than my 55. Is it an L or a LI like mine?

L&C list:
1940 L,
1941 L and 1 to pick up,
1942 L to pickup,
1943 L,
1944 L,
1945 L,
1946 L to pickup,
1947 L, L with Jenkins head,
1948 Brass tag L, Steel tag L,
1949 L to pickup,
1950 L,
1951 L,
1952 L to pickup,
1955 LI,
1956 L,
1957 L,
1959 LI,
1960 LS,
1961 LI X2, L to pickup, L to pickup with Jenkins head,
1962 LI, L X2,
1964 L,
1965 LI,
1967 CI, C8,
1970 CI, C8,
1974 C8

Nope, the 55 is a L, 96981 . The C is actualy a 71, J-67207
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