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FYI Crismar Graphics Decals

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So I just got off the phone a little while ago about some Lawnboy decals. The young lady on the other end was really nice BUT...she told me the Lawnboy A.. holes have issued a cease and desist order against making any new decals. She said that if they had them in their data base, they could still sell them but if you wanted a NEW fifty year old picture that MAYBE they could kiss lawnboys' *** and get permission to make it. I just got my doubts that they would go to all that trouble. I told her that the Lawnboy nuts on My Tractor Forum have been bragging about her company for years. I sent her two pictures of what I needed but unfortunately It was no-go. I know that there WERE a few members on here that had these but I don't think they talk on here anymore. I didn't need em then but I need em NOW! Any of you guys deal with a good graphics company that may already have these?

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I'm guessing they tried to get toro to supply them with original graphics, which probably don't exist anyway, and then they got their panties in a wad.

Nope. That's not it at all. Too much attention to their work got them in trouble by Toro on the basis of copywrite infringement. They were doing it really to help folks out. They were in no way "getting rich" doing it. Time and material cost them more than what they make on them.
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