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FYI Crismar Graphics Decals

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So I just got off the phone a little while ago about some Lawnboy decals. The young lady on the other end was really nice BUT...she told me the Lawnboy A.. holes have issued a cease and desist order against making any new decals. She said that if they had them in their data base, they could still sell them but if you wanted a NEW fifty year old picture that MAYBE they could kiss lawnboys' *** and get permission to make it. I just got my doubts that they would go to all that trouble. I told her that the Lawnboy nuts on My Tractor Forum have been bragging about her company for years. I sent her two pictures of what I needed but unfortunately It was no-go. I know that there WERE a few members on here that had these but I don't think they talk on here anymore. I didn't need em then but I need em NOW! Any of you guys deal with a good graphics company that may already have these?

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Cityboy is getting me my graphics .
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