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Fuse sizes for lights

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There may be a more suitable forum for this question but it has to do with lights on a '68 Ford 2000. I have bought a pair of 55 watt headlights & a 35 watt rear work light. I have 20A capable switches for both. My question is what is the appropriate size fuse for each of these loads?

TexasFire :thanku:
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OK, this probably sounds silly but I'm wondering what is the best way to run the wire from my work light on the rear fender to the steering cowling where my switch is. There's no body channel & I need to steer clear of the exhaust. Should I use those self-stick wire holders & just run it down the side of the transmission? There's an old wire pigtail hanging out of the old tail light fixture (light long gone) but no sign of how it was attached...

Greetings sir . If your looking for a simple , neat & durable solution then I would suggest using some 1/4 or 3/8 diameter steel brake lines . There are various lengths available & many have coatings to prevent premature rust . Just bend them to the shape & contours you need and attach them with whatever means thats suitable then you dont have to worry about snagging the wires with anything . The flared ends of the lines provide a smooth radius and prevents chaffing of the wires , I just cut the nuts of or grind the off .

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