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Fuse sizes for lights

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There may be a more suitable forum for this question but it has to do with lights on a '68 Ford 2000. I have bought a pair of 55 watt headlights & a 35 watt rear work light. I have 20A capable switches for both. My question is what is the appropriate size fuse for each of these loads?

TexasFire :thanku:
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If you go the relay route (which is a good idea) then you can take power for the relay coil from the ON position of the ignition switch. So when the switch is OFF so are the lights, regardless of the light switch. Then take the relay contact through a fuse and the light switch to the battery.
I worked on a 71-2000 and it had a steel tube that ran down the left side of the transmission. ending back by the rear axle housing. This is where they ran the wire for the flasher that was on the left fender.
ditto - your lights on the middle tab
great idea on the brake lines ! And remember, you only need to run the HOT wires not ground.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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