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Fun with 180 pto clutch

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Picked up a 1986/87 180 a few weeks ago and have been bringing it back to life. I love this silly little thing! Actually logged 6hrs on.....4 of those, non-stop.....mowing a really [email protected] field area inside a big paved parking lot.

Last on the list of "needs" is a new PTO. I was putting it off since they're $180ish on ebay and $50-$80 more than that from other sources. Found out it's a Warner 5215-9 which has been superceded to a 5215-34. It's got a 1-1/8" inside diameter, where most versions are only 1".

Decided I'd give repairing it a try. Took it apart and cleaned and repacked the bearing on the pulley, and then removed and replaced the bearing (NACHI 6007DS $32) in the base.

Now, we'll see if it holds up.
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i will tell you one thing the old school smaller LT's are tanks . i have a 111 that i got as a free bee plowed snow a few times with it and also use a snow blower on it as well ...i just cant believe how powerful it is for a 11hp tractor :trink39:

BTW find yourself a snow blower .....:thThumbsU
whoops i just seen you were from CA LOL ....well still find a blower because after 2012 and the way the weather is changing you might end up getting snow hahahahah
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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