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Where do LA series lawn tractors go to die??

Where are there reputable USED JD parts dealers online?

Ive got the puny 2.1 gal tank in my L130 lawn tractor.

1 wife +
1 L130 +
2 Acres +
2.1 gal tank =

Me schlepping the gas can across the yard all the time because she will NEVER look at the plastic gauge window and runs it dry. :fing20:

I want to put a 4 gal tank from an LA Series, part number GY20894 in as a replacement. Its easier than trying to teach/train.

The pictures from look like this should be a drop in replacement and I've been crawling all over the LA series tractors at the box stores taking pictures with my camera phone (And getting odd looks from the staff).

A "Where used" parts search says that the original 2.1 gallon tank, part # GY21102 is used in BOTH the L and LA series so I am confident that there should be no issues in putting the 4 gallon, part # GY20894 in its place.
The part # GY20894 was never offered for the L series tractors but I see absolutely no reason why it wont work.

Unless I miss my guess, the L and LA series share the same frame design so it should drop in.

The Cost for part # GY20894 new is $71.00 but unless a lawn tractor has been rolled, abused, or fallen off a truck or something I should be able to find one used that isn't broken.

So, This all leads up to the question....

Where would one start their search online for a used fuel tank, part number GY20894??

There has to be a place out there that I can get one.


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eBay - That's where I'd start.
Been checking Ebay for a month.. no dice.

Google searches show little for used lawn tractor parts. Guess not much out on the web for the search engines to pick up.
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