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Fuel mix 50:1 vs 40:1

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I have/use 8 trimmers/chainsaws/blower that use 2 cycle mix. I have been using a 50:1 mix of ethanol free premium and Pro-Mix Premium Synthetic Blend 2 cycle oil in everything for years. Some of the equipment manuals specify a 40:1 mix. Am I doing any long term harm using 50:1 in everything? Most equipment is 1970's - 1990's with one new trimmer (50:1 spec).
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I am no expert but back in my dirt bike racing days we would run full syn 40 to 1 in all our 32 to 1 bikes and never had lubrication issues, engine failure is a different story. I've heard that the 50 to 1 syn oil can be run in place of up to 32 to 1 in todays 2 strokes. Truth I don't know, facts I don't know. I would just say better to be safe than sorry.
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