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Fuel can question

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I'm in the market for a handy diesel fuel can with a pump. What do you guys use?
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I just use the red plastic fuel can, no pump. I've marked the ones I use for diesel with spray paint, & myself & my brother are the only ones that use them.
I recently bought this one to keep at the barn for my JD. Can be used with gas or diesel, holds 30 gallons. Item#145035 in the Northern equipment catalog, $349.95. I can also roll it on my trailer when I need to refill it.

There is also a poly version, item # 145090, same price.


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I use the Flow n go which is a siphon system so you need to lift the cans above the fuel tank to get it to work. I built a shelf on the wall and lift the cans up there. Cheap - $30 for the nozzle and hose and it connects to your existing cans. I use the new style yellow no vent type 20L (5gal) cans. Works for me. Since these tractors aren't hard on fuel I don't have to heft the cans onto the shelf that often.

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i use a similar device called Handy Pump which replaces the tank cap with a pump siphon. It worked great before ethanol was added to the gas. Now the pump washer softens up and stops making suction (made in China).:tsk: After the company sent me 3 replacement pumps I finally stopped using it for gas. It still works great for diesel and that is all I use it for. I believe they have taken it off the market now. For gas, I use a 5 gallon Sceptre tank from Home Depot. I have returned/replaced it twice because the safety spout locked in the closed position. If someone came up with a good universal safety spout they could probably do very well with it.:rolleyes:
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For fuel I keep a 210 ltr. oil/gasoline barrel (oildrum if you like) in the barn. On that barrel I mounted a rotational handpump with 12' of petrol hose with a pipe elbow at the end.

When fuelling up I just hang the elbow in the filler neck of the filler opening and start spinning my little pump. Takes appr. 2 minutes for 25 liters!

Beats cans anytime. The barrel was for free, pump and petrol hose cost me about $50,00.

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100 Gallon 1/2 round slip tank with hand pump. I load it in the truck with the loader fill it then put it on the stand. Driveup fill up and go just like a gas station..
You guys have all the nice toys for your equipment..
You might check with your farm fuel wholesaler. Ours gave us a 100 gallon tank for free because we occasionally buy fuel from him. We leave the tank strapped to a utility trailer and pull it to a normal fuel station most of the time and fill it with farm diesel.
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