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Frustrating Crank Pulley Question

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Rebuilt the motor because it was blowing smoke, runs perfect now. Installed the motor and pulley on bottom of crank. Every time I make the crankshaft nut & washer finger tight, it will not allow the motor to turn over. But if I leave it in very loosely or just remove it and let the belts hold the pulley on, the motor turns over and starts right up. Even the slightest tension on the bottom nut will not allow it to turn over...even with a wrench.

I removed the pulley and double checked that the key was properly inserted, it is. I have no idea why it will not allow me to tighten the nut properly. Does anyone have a clue? I am stuck and have no idea how to make this the pulley too high on the crank?

The nut on the bottom has no problem going in, but somehow it is not letting the motor turn over what so ever.
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Haha wow im dumb. The BIG spacer is suppose to go before the pulley does on the crank....that makes a lot more sense.
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