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Frozen seat,,,,,no run,,,?????

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Well heres a new has been very cold here in middle TN 16's at night went to use the 2305 to bring up more firewood, the tractor had been parked near where the wood is stored so I started it up while standing on the ground not in the seat,,,,,loaded up the wood, sat down in the seat and it felt funny...seemed very hard like maybe it was and because it was frozen the seat would not compress enough to activate the seat switch so ever time I put it in gear it would shut off.....bypassed the seat switch (did not want too do this) long enough to get the wood to the house then parked the tractor in the sun to thewe out says to park it in the sun with the seat down.....I say Replace it for me now......
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I've had to leave mine out before in the winter and have had freezing rain and frozen to the seat base but it didn't effect the operation any? Maybe you got water in the electrical connection? slkpk
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