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Front wheel hub help

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Im thinking about changing my front wheel back to 4.00x12, not sure whatthey are know. Heres the question, are all the hubs the same as far as bolting the the steering arm ?? I know there are 2 types of studs, the press style and bolts. Has anyone ever took the press style and threaded the hub or used bolts and nuts ??
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Certainly you can change out the studs for bolts but it seems it might be a lot harder to mount a rim and tire with bolts. Unless the holes are wallowed out you can press out the old studs and replace them. I had mine out and reinstalled them during my rebuild.
Here's a couple of pic's. The chassis has all new bushings and bearings. The front wheels/tires are 6X12's from a wheelhorse.


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More like the "hammer" in thing. Although I wouldn't actually hammer them in. The way I put them back in was to set the hub in the rim (the hubs were off for new bearing and paint) and install the nuts to hand tight and hit them with an impact wrench. Watch when you put them back in the holes to make sure you get splines and grooves aligned. You will be able to see the studs pull into the holes and bottom out. Then just back off the nuts and take the hub off the rim. Ta Da! "pressed" in studs.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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