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Front Wheel Bushings? Where to buy?

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I have an MTD Troybilt that has the front wheel bushings worn too thin, the wheels are very wobbly. I pulled them off and there are no bearings like every other brand. Its a fairly new tractor, 02 I think. I looked at the manual and it says the bushings are part of the wheels no seperate part number. I took one to Home Depot, nothing. Where can I pick some up? The wheels have way too much free play without them.

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What is the model number of your tractor?
Can you mic the spindle what size is it?
What is the OD of the bushing?
My area Lowes carries a few sizes of flanged brass bushings.
Its model number
I just double checked partstree, they only show the flange bearings for the steering, need those too, but I have PN for those.
I bet you can make the Flange Bearing work.
Are there bushings that press out of your rims or is it one piece?
what came out was in three pieces. the rim is just a hole through the center. I took out two flange bearings and one short sleeve from the center. What a stupid design, no one is going to buy new rims because these plastic things wear out
Craftsman riders used those on a lot of the front wheels. I would check with any mower shop.
Yah, Sears is a good idea. Many Auto Parts Stores such as NAPA, Farm Supply Stores such as Rural King and good hardware stores such as our local True Value carry an assortment of brass bushings and sometimes plastic ones as well. Stens Mower Supply online MAY have them, I used to get them there.

Walt Conner
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Any chance you know what size is the right size for this set up? I don't have a micrometer, don't really want to buy one for such a cheap part, I guess if not I can just bring the worn one into the store.
The ID of your bushing will need to be .635 if you have a 42" deck and .76 if you have a 46" deck. the OD I have no way to tell... Take the wheel to Napa or Auto Zone or Advance Auto and have them measure the ID for you they always have a set of plastic dial calipers around. My guess is that it is around .937
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Ok, how about this, there are two flange bushings on each steering arm, PN 741-066A that I was going to order, would those be identical to the ones used in the wheels? Per MTD parts list those are .761 .937? If so, that would leave the sides with support, but no sleeve in the center. Do you think that is good enough? Probably better than nothing. Also, yes, 46 inch deck
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Im thinking you may be able to use the flange bushings... but I have no clue how big the hole in the rim is.
If the flange bushings will fit you may need to grind or cut off the flange on them off. When you put the rim back on the washers/spacers that go on each side of the rim plus the added thickness of the flange may make it not fit.
You have to use the washers/spacers...If you do not the rim will grind against the pin that holds the wheel on till it breaks then the wheel falls off.
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Well I need to replace those too, so I guess I could just order 4 and see if they will work before I order the extra 4 for the wheels. What a terrible design.
Also found these on ebay, but no measurements, anyone know what these would fit?
ebay item number 370191907877
Inside bearing with grease fitting is 741-0706
Outside bearing is 741-0487A
Thanks, how sure are you that these are the correct ones, I want to order them, but want to make sure these are it. Is there a middle sleeve? I pulled three out, two outside and one center with no flange
Just for those who think it's a terrible design, my Deutz Allis FC1242H uses them on the rear (it's a Simplicity) :D

They sell all new wheels / tires on the rack at Lowes. $36 per is a lot to pay though. I've used bronze bushings or searched the parts warehouses (McMaster Carr, etc) for the ID / OD of the plastic bushings before.
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There is no middle sleeve on these Kevinp824. Rest assured those are the correct bearings for this application.
Ok, I ordered then, thanks again, i just wanted to double check
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