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Front Tach a Matic strength?

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I'm starting to design a front bucket for my 414-8. Is the front tach a matic, strong enough to mount a short bucket frame?
If I mount it there, it will be able to lift higher.
I thought about a plate, with a rod attached to it, to hang from the t a matic, and also to hinge the bucket frame.
The verticle plate, would have a upright welded to it, to attach the top of the lift actuator.
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Personally I would not attempt it. If the pivot point for the loader arms is in
front of the front wheels? It will nose over easily.
Even a regular loader like mine will nose over with a moderate load and no counterweight.
If you move the lift arms would require a counterweight that would seriously
comprimise the integrity of the tranny. This is all my opinion of course.
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Here's the documentation I got for the Johnny Bucket Jr. if you want to check it out for ideas.
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