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I drive a 91 F150 with the 5.0L V8. I got tired enough of the oil leaks that I tracked them down to passenger valve cover and front seal. Between them they've been painting the bottom of the engine in oil. Today's surgery is for the front seal.

Bought a timing cover kit with "redi-sleeve" to address that ripple in the rubbing surface of the harmonic balancer.

I usually pull the front cover to replace the seal and drive the seal with a shop hammer and a piece of 4x4. Today was toasty and I thought I'd try it on the truck. Removed fan, radiator shroud, serpentine belt. Loosened bolt in crank snout using a 1/2-inch ratchet backed up by ascrewdriver wedged between the flex plate and the exhaust. Pulled the balancer and pulley together.

One large screwdriver tip twisted between a casting rib on the front cover and the edge of the seal, changing over to a pair of Vise-Grips (same USA-made pair), and voila, old seal removed. I can't see anything wrong with it, but it's not going back in.

Went looking for a seal installer or more accurately, a suitable substitute. A piece of wood with a knot hole? can't fine one. A piece of old exhaust pipe, not quite large enough. An empty 12-oz can of R134a: perfect. Punch a hole in the bottom, make some hack saw cuts toward the edges so I can fold the bottom in out of the way, and test fit. Less than 1/8-inch play in any direction, doubt I could've planned it.

Lube the metal surface with anti-seize, the rubber lip with start up lube, set in place, position can, and tap with rubber hammer, reaching down over the radiator. Sort of starts, but wants to slide on one side or another, not evenly.

Slide under truck feet first until I can position seal again, position can, tap with shop hammer, tap harder a few times, it's going in, but not quite perfect, Whack. Gorgeous. :drunkie:

Anybody need a Fel-Pro timing cover kit less the front seal and the "redi-sleeve?"
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