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Im not up to date on those loaders but Im guessing they are mid mount. Meaning the subframe bolt up at a couple locations infront and behind the front axle and then theres nothing until the frame reaches the rear axle and clamps or bolts up again.
The Ford is designed for a loader to bolt onto the bell housing and brace at the front axle. Braces to the rear axle or hitch are great but most of the weight is on the front axle. some of the loaders made in the mid 90s might fit better like a bushhog2246 a lighter made loader lighter on the front axle and pins.
I have 3 loaders I use and have mounted 4 or 5 on tractors. For general hay feeding and light work like a 40 hp would do I like a light loader. If you had 4 wd then a beefier loader would be great.
Can you get a mid mount on it sure. How much work are you willing to do?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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