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Front Counter Weight on a Suburban

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I guess I should have my butt kicked multiple times. I passed on one of these this past fall. He wanted $40. Oh how I wish I knew. :banghead3:banghead3:banghead3
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Why would you want that weight more than suitcase weights from Home Depot!!??

At $40 for 42 pounds these are more cost effective.

And I got to build a bracket that weighs enough to keep the front end down most of the time without any extra weight.

I have 4 suitcase weights when I need them.

Simply for the reason of it being a super rare attachment for a Sears Suburban. Of course a front weight bar and hanging weights would be more practical to gain more weight, but its the hunt, for that rare attachment that keeps us going.
I understand that, I have C.C.A.S.

You must have S.A.S.!! (Suburban Acquisition Syndrome)
Ah yes, the good ol CCAS. I used to have the SAS, and kinda got out of the Sears collecting. Still watch it now and then and have a few items left over. Im more into D.G.T.A.S., thats for diesel gardent tractors.

Im the one who urged you to go and get that trailer load. Im over on the OCC site, aka Iluvtruks0.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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