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Front bracket

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My MF10 came to me with just the mower deck....It has this bracket on the front, looks like it had something mounted on there....Any idea what this bracket was used to mount, maybe a blower? blade?


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That's a nice looking 10. That bracket is to mount the mower deck. There are two tabs on the front of the mower deck and there should be two arms coming off that bracket, they connect to the front of the mower deck with pins. You will have the lift rod in the middle of the deck and then there are two flat arms that should be bolted on the deck that mount on pins on each side of the frame.
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Yup that's what it is.
Oh..OK....I have the deck mounted now........But it looks like there is an extra plate on there, as if something else could mount on the front........Maybe, that's just the way they are.
It is just the way they are. That plate is to keep the two rods for the stabilizer from bending, and make it hold together. Just look at how it all fits together.
Can anyone get me pics of these rods mine came with the deck and I have the plate but I don't remember the tabs on the deck. so a couple pics and a measurement on how long they are so I could fab some new ones would be real helpful. Also there were two models of the 610 mine is the older one did it mount the same way?
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They all mount the same, and i will try to get you some pics tomorrow.
Any luck on those pics and measurements yet?
Sorry, been really busy with other projects. I will get you those pics tonight when I get home and post them ASAP.
Ok, I got the pics.

this is the bar that goes to the back of the mower and to the brackets that hang below the frame.

This is the link that make the deck come up and down.

This is the stabilizer from the front.

This is the left side.

This is the right side.

This is the side towards the front. What were the parts you needed measurements for. I'll try to get them as well. If you need the stabilizer itself, then I have a spare one that you could have.
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My deck don't have tabs like that on it. Never did from what I can tell. But I did find out there were 2 ways that they mounted. One way like your's and then there's the one like mine. It still goes to the front like your's does but on the deck rather then tabs it came off the top of the roller. look at this pic and notice a bar above my roller. A bracket hooks on that and then goes to the front like your's but a tad diffrently.

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Oh yeah I remember that now.:duh: It showed that in the parts book I have for the deck.
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