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From MD, looking for tractor advice

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Hello, I have recently been looking for a garden tractor that will be appropriate for my needs. I have a 1967 Simplicity Broadmoor but it is not running, and may not be worth fixing. On Sunday I looked at a Simplicity PowerMax 4040 for $2500, but it seemed too big for my needs and had a loader, which I could use, but I'd rather have a smaller one that can be easily removed.

Tomorrow I am going to look at a Cub Cadet 1512 with Kubota Diesel engine, with a large mower deck, chains, weights, dozer blade, and dump cart. I can probably get it for $1300 including delivery.

I have been on the forum and of couse they are all Simplicity/AC fans, and they said I'd get better advice here. I found the one thread here on Simp vs Cub and most seemed to prefer the Simp. But let me describe my needs:

I have 2.5 acres, mostly wooded, with a small front lawn that ca be maintained with a push mower, and a 1 acre meadow on top of a hill accessed by a rough dirt road. I would like to have a tractor that can safely negotiate the steep road and then be able to mow the meadow, and also be able to pull some logs out of the woods and then haul them down to my house.

Also, I would like to be able to carry, dump, and spread some gravel to repair and maintain the dirt road(s) on my property. A loader is probably the best tool for that, probably on something like a bobcat, but I think I could use (or make) something like a Johnny Bucket, and the dozer blade to spread the gravel and touch up rough spots.

I also have some ideas about making a hybrid electric tractor and other projects. For now, please check my posts on Mike's forum for more information, details, and pictures.

Then I'll continue the discussion here as needed, and chat about tractors. This seems like a good forum!

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:Welcome1: From Western Maryland
:MTF_wel2:Welcome from N.Illinois
:MTF_wel: from the Hereford Zone

:MTF_wel2: I think the powermax with loader would do great.:trink40:
I think they are both good machines . The CC is a bit smaller but I prefer diesel engines . The Simplicity has a locking differential if my memory is correct and it's a heavier/larger more capable machine in my opinion . If the Simplicity had a diesel it would be the perfect machine , again in my opinion . As far as which one to buy - in the long run I think most people would recommend buying slightly larger then you think you will need and if it in fact turned out to be too big you could always sell it .

Hello and :Welcome1: from western WI! :howdy:
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