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Fried a wire today and can't figure out why

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Ok so it's not technically small engine repair but it's pretty close. I was working on the wiring harness on my Snapper LT12 and when I plugged the battery in, everything was fine. I tried to crank it and found out the battery was low. So okay then I'll just charge it. I then filled the front tire with some slime as it has a slow leak and started to roll it to where I could charge it. When I opened the hood a plume of smoke came out and I ran for the wrench to disconnect the battery. After that was off, I proceeded to check the wiring out. Here's a link to the wiring diagram to help:
Snapper LT12, LT16 Parts List (Page 20 of 37)

So I found that the only wire that got fried (that I could see, now that I think of it I didn't look much farther but I'm pretty sure it's the only one) is the black wire going from the hot post of the solenoid to the breaker box. This wire has been on there for who knows how long, why would it all of the sudden melt?
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If wire #19, then the 20a breaker didn't break and cut power to the solenoid activate wire. If #18, the solenoid was sending power to the starter from the battery{solenoid got jammed in the 'on' position when you tried to start with a weakly charged battery}
I don't see a 'breaker box'....
That's a possibility, I'll put some heavier wire in there and try again. The wire is actually red, not black. So along the line that wire was replaced.

#8 on the list
From what I can discern on the diagram, that breaker is in the circuit from the battery + to the ignition switch. All current to run accessories goes through that breaker, and attached wires. If you are pulling more than the rated breaker amperage, you may have a short circuit. You can test amp draw by putting an ammeter in series and operating the equipment. Headlamps & PTO are what I see listed, so check each amp draw separately to see if there is a problem, or a sticky breaker or ???
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Probably a sticky breaker, I haven't used anything at all. I only plugged the battery in and tried to crank and got a weak battery. Kinda puzzled on that.
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