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freebie trailer

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Hi all. I found this at the dump today. They have signs all over telling you no salvaging but will usually ignore you if there is something good and easy to get. It's very rusty. I think someone stored their driveway salt in it, but it is all there and looks usable if I throw in a piece of plywood to keep things from breaking through the bottom. when I get a chance I will beat off the rust and see how much is salvageable.

16.5 cu ft with 6.50 x 8 wheels. Wheels are greased and tires look ok. Steel dump body with a tailgate. I have no idea what brand.


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Nice find. slkpk
You can find some very nice stuff at the dump. Just make sure you can sneak it back into the house when the wife isn't looking.
Looks a bit like my Ohio Steel made craftsman cart, but with beefier tires.

Could the blue be Ford?
Good deal! Looks a lot like my piece of rustyness I trashpicked for free.

Is yours missing the rear gate too? Those things must have a habit of walking off..


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Free is good! I always use a piece of plywood to protect the floor of my carts, ever since new.

nice freebie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is yours missing the rear gate too? Those things must have a habit of walking off..
Actually the gate was included in the low, low price. I took it off to hopefully drain off some of the salt water. There are ice salting crystals in the bed.
I bought that exact trailer in white from Menards years ago. Also check Lowe's and the Farm & Home stores. Dumps and comes with a tailgate. I siliconed all the seams to keep dirt/water/junk out so it wouldn't rust.
This one may be beyond economical salvage, but that's what I do best - resurrect things that someone else wrote off. The tongue and axle have heavy flaking rust and no trace of paint, and the bottom of the box would probably not stop a screwdriver dropped from a few feet up. I think they tossed it after the arm that holds the hitch pin broke off from rusting through.

Once I get going on it, I may post a before and after fix-it series here. Probably not till spring though.

I got another look at the trailer after it finally melted out of the snowbank. I scraped off some blue paint and found this label. The trailer bed doesn't seem quite as rusty as I first thought. It may be worth salvaging as a work trailer.


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nice find. no need to let that get scrapped.
At any rate, it was free and it's a good size!
Get as much of the rust out of the bed as possible. Throw some rust converter on what is left. Let the converter do it's thing. Use the cured converter as a primer. Now throw on some bedliner of your choice. Heck even some aersol can undercoating might work. Paint work on the outside is optional. Plywood floor liner is a must. Getting rid of & stopping the rust's progression is the main concern here.

My wife is always coming back from the dump (yes she takes the trash - she has a pickup I have a Suburban) with something. I think it is funny. A while back she got a huge dog kennel. We sold it on CL.
NOVAZ27 - thanks for the ideas - I think I may try them. I picked up a pressure washer at the pawn shop last fall. That might work well for getting off the worst rust chips.

By the way, did anyone catch the "Mythbusters" episode where they used spray-on bedliner as a blast shield? It actually worked - kept the cinder block wall and the stick built wall from blowing up their dummy!
Be careful if you use bed liner on the floor, these are so big, the dump angle is not as good as a smaller trailer. I have the same one that I also got for free, it also suffers from rust on the floor. I do use it as it is, but you almost always have to unload it by hand, not enough angle. I was going to try to get some plastic to put down to help loads slide out.
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