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Free to me SLT 1550

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Earlier this year my father in law gave my wife and I his old Cub Cadet that had been sitting up for 3+ years. We purchased a new home with a larger yard and the push mower wasn't going to cut it. So far I replaced the deck, deck belt, and blades, changed the oil and filter, replaced the battery and rectifier, and did a leak down test to make sure the valves an rings were still holding.

Here it is after getting the new deck:
Vehicle Riding mower Motor vehicle Grass Lawn

And after a quick bath:
Land vehicle Lawn Vehicle Riding mower Mower

Next items on the list is to change the trans oil, new drive belt, and new tires, and later on a new seat (the pan under it is rusting out).
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nice ride, but lose that "bath" business. L&G powered eqpt in general are not designed/built to withstand such vs. say cars. Best to use compressed air or a leaf blower to clear all crud from machine after each cutting; mebbe a light sponge wipedown once per season followed by a good wax job. If you know the machine has been sitting out in the weather, pay particular attention to the electrical system/wiring - every connection will be a potential corrosion problem spot.
If no owners manual, lift up tilting seat, look in cavity under for plate/decal with FULL model # and serial #; go to website PDF Manual Web Archive enter data, d/l free pdf copies.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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