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Free to me SLT 1550

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Earlier this year my father in law gave my wife and I his old Cub Cadet that had been sitting up for 3+ years. We purchased a new home with a larger yard and the push mower wasn't going to cut it. So far I replaced the deck, deck belt, and blades, changed the oil and filter, replaced the battery and rectifier, and did a leak down test to make sure the valves an rings were still holding.

Here it is after getting the new deck:
Vehicle Riding mower Motor vehicle Grass Lawn

And after a quick bath:
Land vehicle Lawn Vehicle Riding mower Mower

Next items on the list is to change the trans oil, new drive belt, and new tires, and later on a new seat (the pan under it is rusting out).
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Thanks for the link to the owners manual. I know about the effects water can have on equipment. At the same time, my grandfather had a Lowes brand rear engine rider that he hosed off every time he used it for 15yrs. I used a rag and no nozzle on the water hose to clean the heavy build up on this one. I downloaded and printed a service manual to help troubleshoot the rectifier. Come to find out my father in law parked because it kept killing batteries and was running bad. The "mechanic" he would bring it to could never fix it. It was running bad because the carb was dirty and it wasn't charging because the rectifier was bad.
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