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Free seat pads

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I have 2 seats for some model JD but unknown to me,someone that might need one and knows what it fits can have them for shipping.
Mods move this if you like but i thought posting it here might to some needy owner
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The one on the left is for a 100 series tractor. It's the deluxe seat for the L120-G110, !45-190C, LA130-LA175, and D160-D170.
L120-G110, !45-190C, LA130-LA175, and D160-D170. Are not 100 series tractors about 20 years apart. :dunno:
Well yes there are several 100 series but I thought it would be easy enough to figure out since I listed all the models :rolleyes::p
Original 100 series like roaddog4_2's from the 1980's don't have letters in front of the model # like the 130 thru 185's
You are right, I'm just used to calling the D's and LA's the 100 series since I have one.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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