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frankenstein 7265

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[/IMG]I got this mower a while back. I was thinking the deck was out of place. Am I wrong or should this not be a green square top model? I think the handle matches the motor. What model number would this motor be? I am guessing about a 1969 model. the motor has good compression. I haven't tried to start it yet though. I think I am just going to sell it off if it is a mismatch. Maybe someone has the correct deck.

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The engine/handle looks exactly like my 5238 (which is a 69' model d403) mine is an 19in white deck, I would say yours is probably a mismatch.
Thats what I figured about a 1969. I think this style was only made for a year or 2 in white right? The motor ran pretty good. all that was left in the tank was the regular motor oil. All the gas evaporated. I put a little of the 32 to 1 in figuring it would even out to 16 to 1. Once I got the old stuff through it popped off. Still didn't run continuously but I had it going with a little primer help....... I'm hopeing that once it gets some new gas through it to clean out the sludge it will run good. Everything looks really clean and complete though. I am suprised it still had the cork float in the carb.

Whats the model # for the push 21 version? Would it look exactly like this one?

Thanks for the info.
Yep, Thats a 1969 model. 21 inch model is a 7259. The 1969 tan lineup was very nice...

Edit, Btw your A series lawn boy is Nice!
Yeah the A is very clean for as old as it is. I was quite shocked when I found it. Doesnt have the original handle though.... and it does have a chunk out of the deck. I think I have seen one other with a chunk missing in the same spot. I dont know if it was weak there or maybe they came that way.. I dont know.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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