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The factory manual for a Husqvarna Model 61 chainsaw uses the term "fourstroking" in reference to adjusting the high speed mixture screw. Does anyone know the meaning of this term?
Thanks in advance.
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[edit] English
[edit] NounSingular

four-stroking (uncountable)

(automotive) A type of abnormal operation of a two-stroke internal combustion engine where the cylinder only fires every second cycle (like a four-stroke engine does). This occurs when the exhaust scavenging and inlet charging leaves a mixture in the cylinder which does not ignite, but needs a second scavenge/charge to produce an adequate mix.
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from what i understand four stroking is when you reach a point with the adjustments on the carb the engine will sound similar to a four stroke and be a little rough running of course i may be wrong because it has been a while since i have heard the term
Go to Youtube. Look up user Davidsfarm. He has two videos on how to adjust two cycle carbs which will give you a very good understanding of four cycling and its importance to these engines.
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