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Solo Rex. i hear that this engine is 125cc's and is rated at 7HP.

this engine has STRONG spark, powerful compression, and a nice "pop" during the intake "stroke" with the spark plug out. i think all it needs is a carb cleaning.

David Bradley 360 gear drive. no spark, soft compression, no chain, oiler seems stuck, sticky pull cord. all fixable, but it's rougher than the Rex.

homelite 150 auto. i fixed the pull cord and added gas, and it runs. it just needs felling dogs and a sharp chain.

homelite 360 auto. i loosened up the recoil starter, oiled the cylinder, and gave it a couple test pulls. after about 4 pulls it locked solid. flywheel moves a little, piston doesn't move at all. i'll take it apart and see what the issue is.

and the best part... the whole bunch was $150!

here's a video:

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