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Found this on CL. Is it a good puller?

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"17hp kohler motor. Runs and drives great. Needs pto box."

As you see, the description says it needs a PTO box. From what little I know about GT's, my understanding is that the PTO is what engages the belt/drive to turn the mower deck. But, it would still be able to drive around and pull stuff, right? I already have a JD lawn tractor for cutting my acre, so the mower function isn't necessary. This Bolens interests me because it may have enough power to pull a disc harrow or other "lightweight" ground equipment, to plow a small garden. I see the lug wheels on there, which makes me think it's got a better tranny/gearbox than my lawn tractor. Am I right on this? Any other thoughts on this tractor?


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OK, so it's definitely a shaft driven model? I'll, of course, verify when I actually go look at it. How's that $800 price tag, given what we know about it right now?
Thank you for your feedback. The hard part is that there just aren't hardly any of this type of tractor available around here. (at least as far as the used, craigslist variety) Most of what comes up on CL is LTs and then larger, mostly older farm tractors. Plenty of RER's, too. LOL
I get that, no problem. I know I won't spend more than I'm willing to pay for it. Just gotta get this seller to go for it, too.
There's an Economy/Power King in there for $950 but other than that your very limited on CL in your area for a smaller tractor that can pull a plow.
Here's the link to it.
Whoa! Good find! Thank you for searching for me. Honestly, I'm such a tractor newbie, so I don't even know what to look for when it comes to this stuff.

Thanks for everyone's input, so far. I'm very grateful to each of you for your time and knowledge.
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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