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Found this on CL. Is it a good puller?

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"17hp kohler motor. Runs and drives great. Needs pto box."

As you see, the description says it needs a PTO box. From what little I know about GT's, my understanding is that the PTO is what engages the belt/drive to turn the mower deck. But, it would still be able to drive around and pull stuff, right? I already have a JD lawn tractor for cutting my acre, so the mower function isn't necessary. This Bolens interests me because it may have enough power to pull a disc harrow or other "lightweight" ground equipment, to plow a small garden. I see the lug wheels on there, which makes me think it's got a better tranny/gearbox than my lawn tractor. Am I right on this? Any other thoughts on this tractor?


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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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