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found a mower deck for sale. does it fit

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I have a 1980 GTV18. I found for sale a mower deck from an unknown Sears tractor. He told me that the model of his tractor is 917.273101 It's a 50" deck.

any help would be appreciated.
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I'm no expert, but I'd imagine that the two aren't made for each other. If you have the old deck, it wouldn't be too hard to take the deck hangers off one and bolt/weld them to the other. Without the original attachment points from the deck that the tractor came with, it's a much harder fabrication job.

I guess it all depends upon the region you're in. 'Round here, I see early 80s GTV tractors that have 44" and 50" decks going for 150 - 400 a couple of times a year. They're not as common as Suburbans or the late 80s/early 90s GT18/GT6000s, but they're not rare.

I don't know the exact number of your tractor, but I searched 917253731 at Sears Parts Direct, and it looks like a GTV, but there are no diagrams for the deck.

I also searched the number for the deck you listed, and I see a problem right away with the drive belt from the PTO. The deck is made for a vertical engine, and one side of the belt would rub for sure. One would have to fab up an idler pulley to keep the belt running paralel with the frame until it clears the mule drive.

The original deck would look more like this

rather than this

Note part #54 in the deck you're inquiring about. One side of the belt angles away from the center line towards a pulley on the deck. On the GTV factory deck, a single pulley protrudes from the center of the deck and the belt comes off the PTO, is changed from horizontal to vertical by a mule drive, and it goes directly to the center line pulley on the deck. The belt on your GTV will look like part #76 in the first diagram.

It's not an impossible job, but I'd guess that a deck from GT16/GT18 or early 90s GT6000 would be an easier fab job if you can't find a GTV16/GTV18 donor.

Even if you fabricated the deck you're asking about to bolt up and work, I can't imagine how large of a belt you'd need because it would have to run up through the mule drive to the PTO.

I'm not sure when they started doing it, but I've seen a couple of the newer decks use 5/8 inch belts rather than the 1/2 inch like the older ones.

I hope this helped. I am not exactly a professional writer.

Good luck,
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most of this made sense. I'm not looking to do that much in modifications to make it work so I'll be passing on this. thanks for the detailed response.
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