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Ford LT 81 Mower Deck Blades

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Hi guys, had a friend of my Dad's contact me looking for blades for an LT 81. I've be scouring the internet and checked the usual spots such a Messick's, NH itself and anything else that came up on the web. They are the 17 inch blades, was wondering if anyone around here knew of any hiding around? I know the LT 81 and LT111 are rare machines so parts are too unfortunately. It's a young guy who found his grandfather's tractor after years, bought it back and now is using and restoring it on his first property so I'm trying to help him out. I love a story with family connections

If anyone has any suggestions please don't hesitate :)

Thanks guys

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Hi MikMan,

Although probably far away, this one is listed by me. Looks to be a complete unit
Could he take the blades to a shop and compare them to new ones? I know NAPA sells mower blades (I work there and got mine by matching them to our stock.)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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