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Ford lgt18h hydro problem

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Hello all,

I'm trying to troubleshoot an issue with a 1989 lgt-18h with an Eaton 1100 and can't help but think I'm missing something so figured I'd see what advice you can give me.

While mowing, I all of a sudden lost pressure in the forward/reverse hydro pedals. Normally there is some resistance when pushing on the pedals but now there is none.

I figured it was a linkage issue, but can't seem to find anything broken externally. When putting the mower in neutral, I can push it around, and when putting it in low or high range, I can push it slightly but can feel the hydro give some resistance once it starts to move. The hydraulic lift for the deck still works as well. I checked the fluid level and it was a little low, so I topped it off. Was about a 1/4" shy of the full mark on the dipstick which didnt seem that low.

Part of me still thinks it's a linkage issue given the change in feel of the pedals and the fact that the hydraulic lift still works, but unless there is an internal linkage for the pedals I can't find anything out of place externally. Anybody have any advice or thoughts on what could cause this and what else I can check?
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I dont know about this specific model trans but most have a release lever that allows you to move the tractor and also have a relief valve to relieve pressure if the pressure gets too high. It sound like pressure is being relieved someway. I would check to see if it has a relief lever that could have possible moved a little and allowing pressure to bypass or possibly the reilef valve has failed if it has one. I would try to find a hydraulic diagram to see if it has either of these. Wish I knew more about these trans so I give a more definate answer. Maybe someone that knows this trans will chime in with some advise.
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