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Ford LGT125 Manuall

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I would like to know where I might get a manuall for this tractor. I'm rebuilting it and would like some info on the mower deck belt tension pulleys up in the front there seems to be some parts missing. The second thing is I would like to drain and refill the hydrostatic drive unit but I don't know what to use or how much. Thanks Mike
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Mike, can you be more specific as to the year of the tractor? Does it have side panels or is it an open side model like mine? Manuals can be gotten in another group called Jacobsen_Ford_Garden_Tractors The Best Jacobsen/Ford Group On Yahoo. If you join, you'll have access to alot of info on these tractors. I happen to belong and find a wealth of info on the Fords/Jakes.
As for the hydrostatic trans, Eaton recommends a good 20 weight hydraulic oil. Be sure to read the label to make sure it can be used in transmissions, as some hydraulic oils are not to be used in transmissions. I get mine at Tractor Supply Co. They sell a good 10w20 weight hydraulic oil that is compatible with almost all the garden tractor hydro units. Read the specs on the back of the container to make sure it is comparable to the Ford spec. M2C41 A,B,C,D. It's Tractor Supply's own brand and goes for about $30 for 2 gallons. The trans should take about 6 quarts if it's totally emptied.
As for the filter, it depends on what you have. If it's a spin on, you're lucky. That filter is a Fram PH16 or equivalent. If it's an inline, they are quite pricey at New Holland Ford dealerships. I think $60-$70 dollars last I heard. Some guys convert to spin on as it's cheaper for the spin on kit than pay for the inline filter.
Good luck with your project.
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It's open sided like yours. it has a 3 blade mower deck. Thanks for the onfo on the oil. I have an inline filter. Where do you get the conversion kit? The other thing is the belt that runs the mower deck. The one from the engine down to the deck. Could you tell me the size or part number for the belt. Are there decals avilable also. Thanks Mike
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Mike it depends on the size of the deck you have. 2 sizes were made:42"&50".
The overall size of the 42" is 51" and the 50" deck is 59" overall from the discharge chute to the other side. I happen the have a 42" deck and know the belt size is 48x770 or belt no. L477 at Advance Auto Parts. Cost was about 14 bucks.
As for the filter, I'll have to do some digging on where some of the other guys got their kits.
As for the decals, some are still available from New Holland Ford. Don't be too enthusiastic though as I am redoing an LGT165 and was looking for most of the decals. Unfortunately, most are no longer available. If you happen to know someone who does decal work, this could be your out. There is a guy on this site who does decal work. His name is Dan and he is a Senior Member/Administrator. I have not contacted him as yet as I'm trying to find someone locally to do them. Good Luck with the project!
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John, I believe it is the 42 inch I will have to double check. I do have the inline filter also, I was just out in the garage looking at the mower/ riding it around the yard. the previous owner had a lot of trouble with this machine not charging. He replaced a lot of parts with no luck then gave up. It sat for years in a barn. He gave it to me for parts for a cub I was redoing with the same engine. I didn't have the heart to **** the ford so I'm rebuilding it as well. The old cub 122 is my main mower but I would like to have the ford looking as well as it now runs. The charging system was a real mystery. the regulator rectifier was bad so I changed it and then rewired the tractor. the chargeing system checked out in every way after the rectifier change but the strange part is that it would charge fine if I only charged the batery and used a second batery to run ONLY the ignition system. As soon as I hooked it up to do both (1 battery and ignition) it would blow the fuse I put in to protected the rectifier. I tested and checked everthing 2 and 3 times but found nothing out of spec So it got ****** and tore the whole thing down and rebuilt it. The only thing that I found was a lot of dirt in the stator I put it all back together and for what ever reason it now will run the ignition and charge the batery without blowing the fuse... Thanks for the help, I'll be off here for a week or so. When I get back on I'll give you and update. Thanks again!
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