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Ford LGT 165 - Hydraulics ???

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When I flip the switch on my tractor to raise/lower the mowing deck/rototiller, it is not raising/lowering the implement.

The hydraulic arm seems to work - it goes in/out of sleeve, and makes the same sound it always has.

There is a rod piece in the middle of underbody that is shaped like a giant paper clip that is attached at the top to the lifting carraige. It is not attached to anything at the bottom/other end - it just hangs down, but I can't figure out what it is supposed to be attached to.

Any ideas? Thanks.
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Thanks for the info.

The arm does go back/forth, so I just need to re-attach the 'paperclip' part to the hydraulic cylinder?

Not sure what the hydraulic cylinder is, but I will take another closer look. Is the hydraulic cylinder part of the arm that goes back/forth?
Thanks again Poncho62.

I think I found where the 'paperclip'/sleeve gets attached to.

Not what to use to connect these parts back together - a spring or bolt ? of some kind, but I will check a manual at the Ford Tractor store.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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