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Well folks I got a free LGT 145 last year... Most of it was in a box... here is a picture to remind you...

Now I didnt go overboard with the mods like my 165 :trink40:

- from Kirk engines

*Billet Breather cover
*Bosh Blue coil
*Pointsaver system
*Performance plug wire

- Local machine shop

* Balanced crank 53%
* Honed block .010 over
* Honed crank .010 under

- from ( stens parts )

* Piston
* Rod
* Valves
* Gasket kit
* points
* Carb rebuilkd kit

- from ebay

* Digital battery meter

I also loaded the tires with free junk yard prestone... I also removed all the useless wires... and there is alot of that... I bypassed the way the factory had the power thru the volmeter to start the engine... That is the stupidest thing I have ever seen... This Tractor came with a 52 inch deck... what a peice of junk its almost 67 inch wide to cut 50... and it dosent even do a good job at cutting... Not impressed... So I will be looking for another 42 inch deck for this baby...

For a free tractor I spent close to 500$ to fix it...


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