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Ford LGT 125

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Hi i'm new to the site and i'm having a few problems with our Ford Lgt 125 if anyone can help us, we'd greatly appreciate it.

I have all numbers on tractor
Model no#09JC3221
Serial no#G120409
Engine no#K301AQS
Spec no#47606
Engine Serial#12130937

1st) the starter is turning the engine left:fing20: isn't the starter supposed to turn left so the engine can turn clockwise?
2nd) the engine would run great for 10 to 15 minutes and then shut off what would cause that?
3rd) tractor went to a guy and he made a mess of the wiring and the pto's wires are missing and the ignition wiring is :eek:mg: I don't know!!!!!!!!!!

does anyone have the wiring diagram for a 125 or a manual?

Tractor Has:
660 amp diehard battery
12 hp K301 engine
4 speed manual transmission
75 lbs. rear tire weights x2
side panels for hood were lost in garage fire 3/25/08
sleeve hitch, cultivator, plow sleeve, disc harrow, dozer blade, mower deck 44?-46?

Tryin to plant a garden this year, but it may be too late by time tractor is useable!!!:sidelaugh
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Can't offer help with your Ford, but did want to say howdy and :Welcome1:

Hang in there and keep checking back, someone in the know should be along to offer you some assistance :fing32: .
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