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Ford 650 transmission question

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Hello and thanks for taking the time to read this. I bought a Ford 650 last week that was "near perfect". Well the old caveat emptor bird got me again.
It had a little 'difficulty running' when we picked it up. The guy I bought it from knew less about tractors than I do. After a couple of days worth of head scratching and finally research, I got it running like a swiss watch. Note to non-mechanics...cylinders are numbered from the front to back! This bozo had put plugs and wires in the 650 and thought the cylinders were layed out from left to right as he read it, 4-3-1-2 doesn't work nearly as well as
1-2-4-3. That along with a new 12V battery installed should have had me drive the 175 miles back without the tractor. But, you know it is when that itch hits you.

So now that it starts and runs great, the shift linkage is my next problem. The transmission is strong in all gears, however it's anyone's guess as to what gear I'm in. The selector seems to change from movement to movement. One time reverse is at 'x' and the next time it's at 'y' or 'z'. Is there a slick way to check out the linkage without splitting the tractor?

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If you never had a 5 speed it's a little hard to get use too. When in neutral and pushed up and down the spring should return it to the top gear range which will be reverse (pulling back toward you) and 3rd gear (pushing towards the front of the tractor). The spring could be broke or have some wear or just be sticking and not returning to the top gear range position. Reverse and 3rd gear are the most use on the 5 speed because they are used as kind of a shuttle shift especially if it has a loader on it.
When you are in neutral push down and pull all the way up on it to see if that helps. On one of my 5 speeds I have a lock out locking out the bottom range 4th and
5th gear since I only use that tractor for pullin. You can buy or make a lock out if you think it might help But like I said you might just have to get use to 5 speed gear pattern.

Inbetween reverse and 3rd is neutral. This is at the top. In neutral, pushing down a little will be 1st and 2nd. Returning to neutral position in between 1st and 2nd push down to the bottom will be 4th and 5th gear.
Reverse,1st and 4th gear will be pulling the shifter handle toward you. 3rd, 2nd and 5th gear will be pushing the shifter handle towards the front of the tractor.
Rather confusing at first but you'll get the hang of it.
since it has a loader on it you will come to like the reverse/3rd gear (shuttle). Although not a true shuttle you still have to come to a stop and and use the clutch but the gears being in line makes it easier to use then the 4 speed.

Post some photos now that you have it all cleaned up.

Typically dealers would paint the tractors they got in on trade the current colors so the tractor would look newr and sell faster. 9n/2n would always sell faster if painted the 8n colors.Here are some photos of my 1955 900 with the correct red/grey paint and my 1955 900 which I just picked up which probably was a dealer repaint blue/gray and later style grill change.
If it had a loader and or backhoe it was usually paint construction/industrial yellow.



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