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Ford 650 transmission question

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Hello and thanks for taking the time to read this. I bought a Ford 650 last week that was "near perfect". Well the old caveat emptor bird got me again.
It had a little 'difficulty running' when we picked it up. The guy I bought it from knew less about tractors than I do. After a couple of days worth of head scratching and finally research, I got it running like a swiss watch. Note to non-mechanics...cylinders are numbered from the front to back! This bozo had put plugs and wires in the 650 and thought the cylinders were layed out from left to right as he read it, 4-3-1-2 doesn't work nearly as well as
1-2-4-3. That along with a new 12V battery installed should have had me drive the 175 miles back without the tractor. But, you know it is when that itch hits you.

So now that it starts and runs great, the shift linkage is my next problem. The transmission is strong in all gears, however it's anyone's guess as to what gear I'm in. The selector seems to change from movement to movement. One time reverse is at 'x' and the next time it's at 'y' or 'z'. Is there a slick way to check out the linkage without splitting the tractor?

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Thanks Kirk, It does have a loader on it. The "UP" "DN" on the transmission cover is confusing. In between 3rd(I'm guessing) and reverse is "nothing" while in the UP position. The "Owner's Manual" is less than vague. There is a picture of the cover and shift lever. I was thinking that this was showing that 4-2-3 were gears available when the selector was in the "UP" position, and 5-1-R were selected in the pushed "DN" position. Clearly I'm cornfused! At least I got it in and out of the shop without knocking down any walls.

The "proof" meter is missing on this rascal, are they hard to come by? I've got an old "Sun" tach that I might have to mill out a bezel to fit in there.

Got it! If they would have turned that embossed shift pattern CounterClockwise 90 degrees it would have made a lot more sense. I've got an old Porsche 911 with the infamous 915 transmission. (Another 5 speed) that was a royal PITA to get use to. Thanks, it works great.
The weather was perfect here yesterday around 65 an very windy. I powerwashed about 15 years of stuff off the 650, and am liking it more and more.

I got it with a live bucket loader, a 6 foot live clutch bushhog, a six foot heavy duty blade, a 16" single bottom plow, a sod buster (I'm told), complete set of heavy duty mud chains, and misc. pins and 30' log chain. $2995. No black smoke, no blue smoke. Tires good to excellent. Good deal?
After the repaint! Apparently it was "cool" to repaint these Ford Blue to make it look like a newer model. It'll be Red and Gray shortly. Right now it's blue on the bottom and the hood, fenders, and loader are puke yellow. It'll be on here within 2 weeks if the temperatures go back up again.

Good bunch on this site!
As promised, the Ford 650 after a quick repaint to get rid of the pale yellow that it was....

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