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Ford 540b axle seal

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Anyone ever replaced the outer seal on a ford tractor with wet brakes? I was wonder how big of a job it is and if u can just pull the axle shaft out or do u have to tear down that whole side? Thanks
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You do need to take the entire axle housing trumpet off to get to the bolt that holds the axle shaft in, so it is a bigger job that you were hoping.

I have never done it but from my understanding it is actually easier than on the ones with the dry drum brakes, as on those the bearings and race have a collar that is pressed in place to hold them in and so you have to split the collar to get things apart and a press to put them back together. The ones with the double reduction gears and wet brakes have a bolt and washer holding the axle shaft, bearings and seal into the axle housing, so it comes apart easier.

You should definitely get yourself a service manual before you attempt it because there are a lot of parts inside there for the brakes and the final reduction planetary gears, and you don't want to take apart things that you don't need to, and there are procedures in the manual for setting the bearing tension pre-load and other things properly as you are putting it back together.
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that's what I was afraid of. Hydro fluid is expensive so I figured I need to bite the bullet and fix it. I will buy a manual for sure before attempting. Thanks for the input
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