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Ford 4000 hydraulic cylinders,.......

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okay, I got the ball joint off the ford 4000 power steering cylinder, now I'm looking for a hydraulic lift cylinder that raises the gannon box.......I'm guessing this gannon box on mine did NOT come from ford, at this point I have given up on finding anybody to rebuild what I have so NOW I'm looking for ANY that will fit this thing. The photo attached is what I'm working with, I went down to tractor supply and bought the closest one I could find an it was just about 1/2 inch to narrow to to use the top pin to attach it,.............anybody have any ideas as th o WHAT I should be looking for OR, better yet, WHERE I can buy a new one ? I'll be the 1st to tell you I have no idea IF I'm even "asking" for the right part ?..........................


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Look for a category 1 hydraulic top link, that looks like a home made and handy version, decide what the minimum and maximum length you want/need it to be and compare accordingly to what you find. Amazon, eBay and almost any tractor supply will have or be able to get them for you.
Thanks for the reply John,.....I THINK I found one,.........
For future reference, most hydraulic cylinders are listed by their length, pin-to-pin, when fully retracted and the stroke is also listed so you know the exact distance between the mounting pins when fully retracted and when fully extended.

And is a great place to find replacement cylinders if all you are looking for is "close enough".
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Sean I had completely forgotten about surpluscenter, glad you posted it to remind me about them since I am looking for a cylinder myself.
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