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Ford 3930 3 P.H. no go..

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OK quick background, we just bought this 95 ford 3930 at an auction last summer, brought it home, and I thought our vineyard manager had checked over the fluids, and he thought I had.. Either way, the hydraulic fluid was low and I was pulling a 2 14 IH rollover plow using the draft, and all of a sudden the 3 p.h. wouldn't lift.. The remote hydraulics work great, just not the lift..

We crawled all over it and discovered that the tranmission had plenty of fluid, but the rear was low. On our older ford diesels it was all one reservoir, so when we did a quick check of the fluids we thought they were fine.

SO the simptoms, at full throttle the lift arms go up, but not with any weight... they will only go down at idle, if you rev up the engine while the arms are going down they will stop...

The fluid is clean looking etc. really bummed me out as the hydraulics on our older fords have always been a weak point (we also currently have a couple 3000's and a 4000 narrow) and we figured that they would be much better on such a newer tractor as most everything else on that tractor has been upgraded over the old 3000's...

Any advice would be great.. we finally recieved the shop manual for it as well, we didn't have one at the time.. I am certain it is just a seal somewhere that blew out.. But if anyone knows where to start that would be much appreciated!
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Man no one has blown on a 3 point hitch on a ford 39 series?
Try changing the position of the draft control lever under the seat.
I'm not familiar with that model, but if the hydraulics are anything like the earlier Fords that I am familiar with, and the remotes are working fine and the 3 point lift isn't, I would suspect either the lift cylinder itself or the unloader valve.
Like others stated check your draft that will be the lever next to your up and down lever. If your sitting on the tractor on the right side of the transmisson case there is a flow control knob it might have screwed in and stopping the flow. Engage your pto see if it works if it does that rules out the hydraulic pump because the pump runs the pto :thThumbsU
Nouveau ******* called it. The unloader valve on the bottom, 2 bolts were backed half way out, the 3rd was broken off (and partially unscrewed) Backed the broken part out by hand.
The valve appears to be fine, but we found some other stuff that had been "worked on" before by someone else.. Even the main cover gasket had new holes created by the bolts.. about 1/2" off from the actual bolt holes.. lol
someone didn't know what they were doing.. Putting new O rings and seals in since it's apart anyway. It is slightly different from the old 3000 hydraulics, but not much...
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