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Ford 3600 year of manufacture/

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I have a Ford 3600 diesel with the following serial #'s

Engine case: D 5NN 6015 F

Transmission Case: D 5NN 7006..

any way to ID the year of Manufacture? I've searched the Internet but No "D" series to be found?????
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So it isn't a 3600.

Model - BH213C - The first three characters are the model designator. BH2 is a Model 234 "Highway chassis" tractor. It was part of the 2600 series and was basically the same tractor ads the 2600 except that it came with shorter wheels and wider tires than the standard 2600 and was designed to be used as a highway mower. The next character, 1 says it has a diesel engine. The next character, 3 says that it has live PTO and the last character, C says that it has an 8 speed transmission (4 forward and 1 reverse speed on the main shifter and hi/low ranges on the shorter shifter giving a total of 8 forward and 2 reverse speeds).

Tractor Number (Serial Number) - B971251 - The B at the beginning of the serial number means that it was assembled at the plant in Basildon in the UK. The number itself starting with a 9 indicates that it was a "domestic" tractor, meaing it was built to be sold inside of the UK. "B" serial numbers built for export outside of the UK started and 000001 and went up to 799999, and ones built to be sold domestically started at 8000001 and went up from there.

Unit Number - 6K28B - date code specifying that the tractor left the assembly line on October 28, 1976 during the day shift

Engine - First part is the engine serial number:
B132686 - The B at the beginning says that it was made for a tractor in the 2600 series, and the 234 is in the 2600 series.
Second part of the Engine numbers is the date code for the assembly of the engine itself:
6K27B - engine was assembled on October 27, 1976 during the day shift.

The rest are date codes for the assembly of the other major components, like the transmission, rear axle, hydraulic top cover and hydraulic pump.
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Have I been duped into buying a tractor (that's had a Ford 3600 hood put on it)?

I was under the impression I was buying a 35'ish hp tractor.
That sticker is on the under side of the hood, so the hood is from a model 234 tractor. It's more likely that a previous owner didn't know what they had when they repainted it and the original decals weren't on it any longer so they guessed or thought that it was a 3600 and put 3600 decals on it. The main differences between a 234 and a 3600 are:

1. The 234 has shorter wheels and wider tires. Those could be swapped to the standard 2600/3000 wheel and tire size and then it would be the same as a 2600.

2. The 3600 series has a slightly more powerful engine. The 234 & 2600 have a 158 cubic inch engine and 34 hp at the PTO, while the 3600 has a 175 ci engine with about 40 hp at the PTO. So the 3600 has about 6 hp more.

The transmissions, rear axles, and 3 point hydraulic systems are identical between the 234, 2600 and 3600, so it is hard to tell them apart if you don't know what you're looking for.

You could check the engine serial number that is stamped on the engine iself to compare to the number on the sticker to be sure. Look on the right side of the engine (as you're sitting on the tractor) down low, just above the oil pan is a flat rail that runs the length of the engine front-to-back, and about halfway along its length it gets taller for a short distance and the serial numebr should be stamped in that taller part of the flat rail.
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my tractor number is confusing me, any help would be appreciated
(all i havefigured out is the date code)

Tractor # C536647
Model # CU212C Unit # 7D04B (April 04 1977 dayshift)
Engine # 7B03A
Trans # 6J07B Rear Axle # 7B10C
Hyd Pump # 6M08B Hyd Lift # 7604B (this number is hard to read)
Tractor # C536647 - This is a 1977 serial number

Model # CU212C - CU2 is a 335 Utility model (non-adjustable front axle which is stonger than the adjustable width front axe of the ag chassis) The 1 means that ist has a diesel engine. The second 2 means that it has non-live PTO and the C at the end means that it has an 8 speed transmission

Unit # 7D04B (April 04 1977 dayshift) - This is the date code for when th etractor was asembled and you decode is correct

The rest are manufacturing date codes for the major components:
Engine # 7B03A - February 3 1977 day shift
Trans # 6J07B - September 7 1976 day shift
Rear Axle # 7B10C - February 10 1977 afternoon shift
Hyd Pump # 6M08B - December 8 1966 day shift
Hyd Lift # 7604B (this number is hard to read) - The second character should be a letter, so my guess would be 7C04B, which would be March 4 1977 day shift.
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Looking for help finding out what tractor I bought at an auction. Thought it would be a fun project for my son and I. Just can’t seem to figure out exactly what it is. I know it is a 3 cylinder diesel. Maybe a 3600? Here the numbers of anyone can help me. Behind starter CA21 3 7L1CB C55718 3 Oil pan rail C225861
Sorry I had a typo on the numbers. Here is the correct numbers the way they appear to be spaced.

Behind the starter
CA 1 K
C55718 3
Oil pan rail C225861
I responded in your other post. Is it CA21_K? If so, then it is probably CA212K, which would be a 3600 made after November 1966 with a diesel engine, non-live PTO and a 6x4 manual reversing transmission.
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