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Ford 3600 year of manufacture/

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I have a Ford 3600 diesel with the following serial #'s

Engine case: D 5NN 6015 F

Transmission Case: D 5NN 7006..

any way to ID the year of Manufacture? I've searched the Internet but No "D" series to be found?????
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I too have a Ford 3600 that I'm trying to figure out the year. My stamp Serial number is 0532737. The engine stamp is 7B08C and the Model Number is 3600 Ford 9N (from the receipt). From NRN's explanation of the stamp mine is was built in Feb. 8th by the C shift(assume Night) but what does the "7" mean? NRN how did you know Tomota's "8F09B" was a '88 and not a say '78?
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Thanks NRN..I saw that later on. I didn't think the 9N was right either but I was going off the receipt..(inherited it).
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