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Ford 3600 year of manufacture/

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I have a Ford 3600 diesel with the following serial #'s

Engine case: D 5NN 6015 F

Transmission Case: D 5NN 7006..

any way to ID the year of Manufacture? I've searched the Internet but No "D" series to be found?????
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All I see on my Ford 3600 is: 6J27C
Any ideas?
Wow!?! That's incredible. Thank you for that information.

I'm unable to locate its official serial number, or is its 'Tractor Number' the same as its 'serial number'?
Have I been duped into buying a tractor (that's had a Ford 3600 hood put on it)?

I was under the impression I was buying a 35'ish hp tractor.
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