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Ford 2000, PTO problems, please help.

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I have a 1972 Ford 2000 tractor, its 3 cyl diesel engine, with an 8 speed transmission (dual sticks 4 gears high/low). I attached my 5ft bush hog up to it, and when I tried to engage the PTO, it grinded very loudly.

This didn't make since to me because when I engaged the PTO earlier, it spun just fine with nothing on it, but when i attached the bush hog, it won't engage.

Does anyone know what the problem could be? All suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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If pto grinds with clutch pedal fully depressed then more than likely the pto clutch is stuck.
But the pto will operate without an attachment so wouldn't this mean the pto clutch is fine? How would I in stick the pto clutch if it is stuck?
To try and un-stick clutch hook up something on pto shaft(rotary mower/PH digger). SAFELY start engine with pto engaged and put a load on pto with clutch pedal depressed. If you're lucky it will come un-stuck.
I can start the engine with the PTO engaged an hooked to my bush hog, but what do you mean, put a load on it? I cut some grass with it today, and it would dis engage, but I would have to shut the tractor off if I wanted to engage it again.
When the bush hog is attached and the tractor is running, does the brush hog stop spinning when you push the clutch in? if it doesn't, then the PTO clutch is definitely stuck. You'll need to do something to put a load on the PTO while the tractor's standing still so you can push the clutch in while the PTO has a load to see if that breaks the clutch loose. If you don't have an implement that can do that, like a post hole auger, then another possibility is to block the clutch pedal down while the tractor's parked for a few days, and if you have access into where the clutch is, you can spray some brake cleaner on the clutch plate to help things along.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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