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ford 1700

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hi good folks and happy new year.
im looking at a 1700 with loader thats very clean and runs great. any info on these and parts availibilty etc?...thanks Mike P
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i have two 1900 fords and i would not trade them for anything there the bigger brother to the 1700 they are well built very dependable and easy to service as for parts availability i haven't had a problem yet water pumps alternators starters thows can all be rebuilt so no wuries there and long as you are not braking major parts like axles transmission housings ect ect you will be fine parts wise i have been able to get all the parts i have ever needed very easily at a reasonable price to fix the few odd things that have come up that needed to be fixed over the past 5 years that i have owned these two tractors and they get used on a daily basis on my 26 acre hobby farm in fact i can go outside in -25'c weather and they will start right up no problem even if they are not plugged in
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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