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ford 1700

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hi good folks and happy new year.
im looking at a 1700 with loader thats very clean and runs great. any info on these and parts availibilty etc?...thanks Mike P
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I think the 1700 was a Sibaura Diesel for Ford, made sometime around 1978 - 1983. This was in the series 1100, 1300, 1500, 1700 and the 1900. They had either 2 cylinder or 3 cylinder engines. Parts for these are still available, but limited.
NR - thanks for correcting my typo

I have had my 1100 since new, 1981. Through the 80's it was used for hauling logs out of the woods, towing the splitter, and dump cart. I also have the Ford 702 blade for snow plowing.

It has 4wd and Aq tires. When snow plowing I do not use chains and it does a pretty good job up to about 16 inches of snow.

Now it gets used almost exclusively for snow and this year I added 200 lbs of suitcase weights to the 3 point (along with 66 lbs of wheel weights which I already had).

I added a block heater to mine which I run for 30 minutes before trying to start when it's below freezing. I still use the glow plugs.

It's been a great tractor.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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